Workplace Motivation Essay

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Nowadays the most of works need to motivation because this works want to get high quality .However, there are some problems which face so many people during the motivation . So there are a lot of theories appeared to help people to get the best motivation. What is the motivation .To reply this question that means you can understand the motivation also you can know how do you deal with problem motivation. There are a lot of definitions for motivation some people make briefly definition for motivation ,that is the motivation that pushes person to do some things . Moreover, there also are anther of definition ,One of these definitions define by (Robbins, 2001, p.155) he states “ motivation as the processes that …show more content…

What is more they feel stability in their life. That means they can continue their life normal form. Thirdly love and Belonging work to make enjoy human life moreover person feel strong while belonging, for example mother or father love their children, also the children feel power because they belong to their family. Fourthly esteem provide life object of stricture and linking life such as children respect parents also students respect teachers. Finally self-actualization after achievement all these needs ,the person will starts in search for self realization to give the best of what he or she has and use all his powers develop to the limits of very high. Maslow consider that the person can not be in motion to other layer of pyramid before attain all needs in that layer. There are arguments for and against to this theory is focus on psychology in his studies .In addition, this theory is basic to other theories. nevertheless, he uses vague expressions in his theory. Furthermore, Maslow did not base his research on tangible evidence.
Clayton Alderfer consummate a diminution in the Maslow's theory ,that is ERG theory intimately with the empirical studies developed from Maslow's theory
( Smith and Taylor,2007,p. 629). Clayton Alderfer divided pyramid shape for Maslow's theory into three groups ,also in his divided depended on existence that is first group . It include on basic needs in the life. Furthermore, the

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