World War Ii and Hitler

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World War Two
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- Information
- Suggested Activities
- What is Causation? Information Sheet
- Causation Card Sort
- Causes of World War Two Card Sort
- Causation Wordsearch

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The Treaty of Versailles
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What is Causation? – Information Sheet and Card Sort
2. General discussion about what caused World War Two
3. Causes of World War Two Card Sort – can be combined with Causation
Card Sort
4. Causation Wordsearch

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WWII Causes Information & Activity Book

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What is Causation?
When historians talk about causation, they are trying to find out why something happened. The reasons for things happening are often divided into different categories:
Social, economic, political, technological, military
They can also be divided into time periods:
Long term, medium term, short term
Many things that happen also have a trigger event – the final straw, or the event that finally causes something else to happen
Example 1

Mr Brown needed more money so he took a second job at night.

Mr Brown was very tired and didn 't hear his alarm clock.

Mr Brown had to rush to get to his day job on time.

Mr Brown was driving too fast and crashed his car

Social, Economic
Long Term

Short Term

Short Term

Trigger Event

What caused Mr Brown to crash his car?
The trigger that made him crash was the fact that he was driving too fast
But, if Mr Brown had not been in a rush maybe he would have driven slower
And, if Mr Brown had heard his alarm clock he would not have been in a rush
Mr Brown

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