World War Z Change

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A basic tenet in both fiction and in life is that change is inevitable, and for better or worse, it's going to happen. In the novel World War Z, lots of things are changing: society is on the verge of collapse, social hierarchy and status quo are thrown on their heads, and geopolitical relations devolve drastically, but valiantly manage to save the remaining thread of humanity. Evident changes and progressions in theme are to be expected in a novel, but a trickier task is to appropriate this change and apply its meaning to specific situations in our everyday lives. The transition from high school to being a freshman in college is one such scenario. There are certain aspects of human nature thematically explored in World War Z that do …show more content…

In World War Z, change in society wrought by the zombie war, conveyed by various, key perspectives, was certainly the most central plot device and driving force of the novel. Social change manifested itself on varying levels from individual to global, with different locales and temperaments yielding different results. Russia came to a somewhat ironic full circle in reverting to a czarist religious state, while American dismissiveness and secrecy only succeeded in worsening the widespread panic. Individually, many characters (Kondo Tatsumi being a prime example) were molded and changed by their experiences. Originally, Tatsumi was an "outsider", single-mindedly obsessed with details and trivial data seemingly at the cost of his humanity and empathy. In one passage, he even states, "You have no idea of the disconnect I was suffering." (Brooks 207) After barely escaping the city with his life, Tatsumi essentially undergoes a metamorphosis driven by his mentor Ijiro. His respective background states he is "clean shaven, tanned and toned...with a clear, sharp gaze" (Brooks 204), and seems to be more earthly and grounded in reality, in direct contrast to his prewar self. These personal aspects displayed by Tatsumi of individualistic growth driven by social change are very applicable to my first year at West Virginia University. As with Tatsumi, my life will soon be changed by a life altering experience, …show more content…

In World War Z, education as a theme is almost exclusively based in an unfortunate trial and error. From the progression of zombie fighting techniques revolutionized from the failure at Yonkers to the triumph at Hope, to adoption of the Redeker Plan, it was impossible not to notice that experimentation began to begat success. Humanity began to learn from their past mistakes, and apply hard earned knowledge in practical ways to limit loss of resources and life, which really is the essence of education. This being my freshman year at West Virginia University, there are no shortage of things that offer this sort of practical life experience, based in a trial and error of sorts. As a pharmacy undergrad, I realize the importance of broadening intellectual horizons, deepening my knowledge of chemistry and biology, because peoples' well-being depends on it. Much like individual efforts in the Zombie War, my effort is necessary to provide a practical service to others, and if my service could make even the least difference to someone in need, then it is a welcome

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