Would You Want To Go To A Doctor Who Got Their High School

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Would you want to go to a Doctor who got their high school degree from their mom? Yeah, most people do not either. Homeschooling has become a big trend in student 's education. Lots of children have different reasons of why they are homeschooled some are not acceptable reasons , but they somehow get approved by the board.Kathleen Berchelmann states “ As estimated 2.04 million k12 children are homeschooled (Berchelmann). Most of the reasons are bizarre and some people are scared because their child 's teacher is gay all the way down until they do not want their child to go through a sexual education class even though most kids know before their parents even know they know about it. Homeschooling should not be a thing. Who should say you …show more content…

Some things that sound like more work than just going to school where you are supposed to. As Greatschool says some parents create and teach their own curriculum, while others buy a commercial plan(greatschool). Greatschool is explaining that this is how parents teach their children. So, parents can make up anything and give it to their child, or buy a pack from from the school so your child is learning the same thing everyone else is parents just now have to drop a few hundred bucks, What I do not understand is that a parent who are most likely not a teacher or would not qualify to teach are making up lesson plans and at the end of the signing off their child 's diploma. This seems almost idiotic that the school system allows this, when the rest of America has to go to school or we have can cause our parents to get in legal trouble. Sara Ipatenco states, “It 's against the law to let your child skip school and just stay home, and parents can face criminal charges even if they don 't know their child is skipping school.(Ipatenco).” Sara also states Children who are truant and have parents who don 't require them to attend school are at a higher risk for substance abuse, gang activity and criminal behavior, according to the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention. As adults, children who didn 't attend school regularly are more likely to have health problems, experience mental health disorders and be

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