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The possible There are many different careers one might choose to follow in, each with their own struggle and success. In each story of success is a struggle that one can learn from and take something from. Kevin Hart is a person in which success was not given to but achieved through hard work and dedication. He has been successful in varies roles of comedy from stand up to the big screen. Kevin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1976, raised by Nancy a single mother, who suffered with a chronic battle with cocaine and the law. His father Henry Hart was also dealing with the law and was rarely around. Hart, the youngest of two boys, used humor as a copping mechanism to help with the pain of his childhood. He performed at a variety of small comedy clubs working under the stage name Lil” Kev the bastard. In the beginning, Hart was confused and did not feel confident in…show more content…
In 2002 Kevin Hart performed in a film called Paper soldiers and ABC then offered a role in 2004 playing himself in a comedy. Unfortunately, the show only lasted six episodes before it was cancelled. His acting day were just being, Kevin did not suffer from defeat. Acting like standup came to Kevin naturally in 2004 he appeared in a The 40 Year Old Virgin and Soul Plane. There were many roles that fell in line for the year to come such as Little Fockers, The Five Year Engagement, Riding along part 1 and 2, About Last Night and the Wedding Ringer. Riding along made over 48 million at the office box alone proven that Kevin Hart has made his mark on comedy. He proved that he could captor an audience’s attention on stage and on screen. He was able to bring the same energy and creative work to his performances. Although, Kevin struggled with some personal issues for instances, his divorce to his wife. He still manages to find the humor in the situation and turned it into inspiration for his movie
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