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This year as a reader, I wasn’t very strong. I didn’t read much and didn’t put my best foot forward to work. Until my Winter reading report came out it dropped from a 10.2 too a 6.8. This is when I realised that I need to start putting a best foot forward towards work. The star reader really gave me a motive to do better in English. If you could describe me as a reader it would be someone that needs motivation. Motivation drives me to be better. My grades weren’t spectacular this year, but that is something I can work on. After reading more and finding books that I actually liked my reading level went from a 6.8 to an 8.8 .This shows that reading will improve my reading skill. Skills and strategies that I can use to enhance my learning in and out of school are stay sharp, looking at previous notes, and using vocab squares to help me understand the meaning of something. Stay sharp will help because its a game but it helps you learn while playing. Then when i’m bored I can sit with my laptop and play games. Looking at notes on the other hand isn’t as fun, but probably more effective because you learn what you need to and with the games you may learn words or phrases that you haven't learned yet and don’t understand. My …show more content…

Some ways to grow and excel as a reader is to read more books that challenge me in a way that I can still understand the book. Also, read when i’m bored or just trying to kill time. To keep my grades next year in honors I must keep myself going, and have on my mind that school comes first. Another way is to get extra help and extra credit so if I mess up on something I can fix it and get my grade higher. A strategy I will start using is my parents. Everyday after school I will tell them what I have to get done and so when I get home, they will keep reminding me that I have to get it

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