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Dana L. Farias
English 105: Yun
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Autism and Children It is a known fact that people are not passionate about something until it happens to them or someone they love. Learning something new about a subject that seems to be monotonous might lose sight of the main objective. The challenges that children with autism face is misunderstood, and there is much controversy on this subject as to causes, effects and treatment that this disorder can bring, especially to the families who are doing their best to deal with it, and those children who are affected by it. One out of eighty-eight children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism, and 30-50% of them never develop functional speech. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that involves development delays that affects the speech/language, gross/fine motor skills, cognition, and social skills for everyday activities. If a child with autism has not developed these skills by the age of five, he or she acquiring it will be more challenging. “Autism is much more …show more content…

It is also imperative for children with communication difficulties to initiate a skill, whether its sign language, language involving pictures, or use of an iPad since acquiring these skills will have a more favorable outcome than not applying it at all. My grandson Dezmond, who is severely affected by this type of autism, is five years old and is benefiting from this type of intervention, the picture exchange communication system, with the iPad. He also wears a weighted vest at school, and it supposed to help stimulate arousal in him. His behavior has improved, he seldom does the hand flapping and rocking. All of these techniques integrated together will be beneficial for him, and I know deep in my heart that he will speak one day, only time and communicative intervention will

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