Yahoo! Business Case Analysis Essay

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Business Case Analysis

* ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES Company: Yahoo | | | Deliverables | Assigned | 1. | Part A: Company Overview-Company Overview-Description of Product/Service Offerings-Core Competencies-Markets Served (Geographic Locations)-Competitors | Jeff Veenstra | 2. | Part B: Business Strategy -Mission/Vision Statements -SWOT Analysis-Interpretation of Mission/Vision Statements-SWOT Conversion Strategies | Florentina Covaci | 3. | Part C: Financial Analysis-Financial Calculations-Financial Analysis/Interpretation | Jim DeRyckere | 4. | Part D: Future Direction-Business Strategies-Contingency Plans | Lisa Mosa/Raiven Korkis | 5. |
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The vision statement is very broad and does not exactly pinpoint what the steps are to complete the mission. The vision should be a road map to where the company in trying to head. Even though part of the vision is to keep more than half a billion people connected, due to their weaknesses Yahoo! is losing customers and at this time needs to remain competitive in their market to follow their vision. On the good side Yahoo! has services that provide value to the users. On the advertising part Yahoo! is still a leader because it did manage to build a global advertising network.


Strengths (Internal) | Weaknesses (Internal) | * Well-known brand * Present in global market * Diverse auxiliary services (mail, messenger, search engine, news) * Various partnerships (Visa, 2012 Olympics) * Many users * Well positioned in advertising * Accessible on many platforms * Well established advertising network | * Search engine less popular than Google * Some services less known * Loss of market share * Change in leadership and management | Opportunities (External) | Threats (External) | * Expansion in global market * Internet advertising is growing * Partnership with mobile technology company (Motorola) * Tablet PCs * Social network * Global advertising campaign | * Competitors (Google, AOL, MSN, Bing) * Many free e-mail services * Many news websites * Other more popular search
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