Yakka Tech Pty Ltd

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Case 2 Yakka Pty. Ltd.
Brief background of the case study:
This case tells us about the Information technology service firm (Yakka Tech Pty. Ltd.) This firm provides I.T services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Basically, this firm install and upgrades enterprise software systems and related hardware on the client’s sites.
To provide all these services it employees 1500 people. It has customer service division that consist of four customer contact centres serving clients within each region. Each customer service centre consists of half- dozen departments representing functional specialisations and a single department consist of more than two dozen employees.
Over last five years time period Yakka tech’s customer service business
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Hence Yakka should have take a better step by talking with employees. Supervisor and managers to try identify what kind of problem they are going through to serve the customer.
Another symptom that shows something went wrong was, due to lack of communication between management and employees of different division. Where employees felt they had to do what they were employed for. Same time they had to listen to number for frustrated customers and job was becoming monotonus. At this stage there should have been some role from management to step in have a meeting with employees make them cheer up and assure them to make some flexible way of working. Due to lack of such approach, despite the pay rate was increased the customer were still not satisfied and employees were working just for the sake of high payment.
These were some of the symptoms that suggest something has gone wrong in Yakk tech Pty. Ltd.

2. What are the main causes of these symptoms?

2.1 Customer complains regarding poor quality service.

Unhappy customers are bad news for any company. Every single complaint from a client is a manifestation of dissatisfaction because of poor quality service. Customer complains should be considered as a major factor as it will serve as a feed back of the company IT systems infrastructure(managing customer complains). Yakka Tech’s customer service business has doubled over the past five years yet the management was not focused towards the existing

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