Essay about Case Analysis: Sub-Continental Telecommunications Solution

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Case Analysis: Sub-Continental Telecommunications Solution

Problem Identification

World Wide Telecommunications (WWT) attempted a joint venture with an Indian firm, a Subcontinental Software Solutions (SSS). This joint venture (JV) caused several symptoms; equipment difficulties, a sexual harassment, revised budget, and an intellectual property stealing. The problem was the failure of risk management and it resulted in the delays in finishing the software. The initial symptom of the delays in finishing software was equipment difficulties. First of all, the JV had no relationships with international banks. It caused to delay to order the equipment. The problem was a failure of risk management that unprepared unprecedented levels of
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WWT can save budget and time to set up the distribution channel. Also, the main customer, The International Corporate Communication (ICC), has positive reaction toward the software developed. Internally, the research is well studied such as regulatory, cultural differences, and market demand. However, from business perspectives, a JV failed in an operational risk management. The failure of an operational risk management is classified as weakness. Externally, the authority of decision-making was unbalanced. For example, Dev made a decision alone with purchasing equipment and it drove others symptoms. The board composition did not take responsibilities. Also, a JV required a better understanding of the Indian market. For instance, WWT sent a female employee herself, and it caused the conflict called a sexual harassment. Sending a female employee alone to India should be reconsidered. Or at least the employee should be trained in that possible situation. She was neither trained nor prepared. Internally, the failure of recruitment occurred a lawsuit regarding a sexual harassment claim. WWT was neither culturally, nor technically prepared to training department of the Indian market. It should have been set up prior to doing a JV. Additionally, the failure of an operational risk management was shown by equipment difficulties. The lack of supply chain systems also caused of delaying in finishing software. A hazard risk was classified as
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