Yay Mc Helper Case Analysis

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What is your Minecraft username?
What gamemode do you most frequently play on?
How many hours would you be able to contribute to the position per day?
5-8 Hours Per Day
What strengths do you see in yourself that you could use to be a better Yay Mc helper?
1. One of my best assets that I could see me using to be a great helper is my patience and my knowledge of how to detect a hacker. I have noticed that many staff members are really unsure on if the person is hacking or is just really good. I could help to ensure that the person being watched is not banned falsely or let go when they were actually hacking. I am familiar with common screenshare tools such as Blsquad and Sarefine SS tool. I know where to/how to find hacks and/or illegal mods. If placed in a situation where I need to screenshare, I am able to easily control and complete the screenshare in a timely manner. I can tell the difference between laggers and hackers, which, sadly, some staff members I have met on other servers can't. One last advantage that comes with my knowledge of screensharing, is that I can do reverse psychology on most people. It's simple and sometimes reveals that the player hacks. All you have to do is, when looking …show more content…

My fourth strength I am going to share on this application, is my ability to stay active. I am on Minecraft almost all day on the weekends and around 4-5 hours on weekdays. I do have other activities I like to do, so my estimates may be a little off, but my playtime falls roughly in that time frame. I can always play with a web browser tab open, making it easy to switch between minecraft and the forums. I am familiar with the forums and how it functions. I can and will help forum members if they need any assistance. Within my daily playtime, I could spend most of it being a staff member and helping players, but I also like to play as a normal player sometimes. I'll most likely play on an alt if I ever feel like PvPing instead of staffing,

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