Year 10 Agricultural Science Assignment

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Year 10 Agricultural Science Assignment
Team Group: Rylee Duggan, Tim Steele, Nicholas Ryan, Lara Tonumaivao
Teachers Name: Mr Horne
Subject: Agricultural Science

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A.G.S Sunflower Assignment
Background information

In the past few years Australia’s sunflowers production has especially grown. The sunflowers production has been able to create one to two million tonnes of oilseed crops each year. There are two major areas for sunflower production in Australia which are Queensland and New South Wales. There is also a growing industry growing in Western Australia. To create a full successful sunflower farm you need multiple machinery and equipment. There are nine peace’s of machinery and equipment that are needed for the sunflower which is Subsoiling, Field cultivator, Planter, No-till planter, Fertilizer spreader, Sprayer, Combine, Grain cart and Grain truck. Weeds affect sunflowers by slowing the growth rate down by stealing all of the sunflowers nutrients. The more weeds there are the slower the sunflower will grow. The weeds also will affect how much water the sunflower will get so it will affect the health of the plant. Weeds can cause the death of the flower. With the incising demand for sunflower, farmers have used more fertiliser to inhales the sunflower growth. The famers have used

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