Young Person Who Is Going Through Adolescence Essay

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Defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary adolescents is “a young person who is developing into an adult: a young person who is going through adolescence” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2016), Everyday adolescents are exposed to many ideas about their sexuality. There are several major factors that play into an individual adolescent’s views of sexuality. This dissociation between the ideas being pushed on children about sex causes confusion. Adolescents receive their sexual education and ideas from many different outlets. The youth rely heavily on the teaching of the generations before them, the media’s interpretation of a sexually active life style and their peers. The adolescences today are confused with all the diverse messages directed towards them about sex. This turmoil can lead to dangerous and promiscuous acts. In the last several generations the views on sex have changed dramatically. Social influence throughout generations of parental guidelines has changed the way in which parents teach their adolescence about sexual conduct. There has been a transition from the view of sex as a private experience for married couples to a more open and casual view of sex, “Between the 1970s and the 2010s, American adults became more accepting of premarital sex, adolescent sex, and same-sex sexual activity, but less accepting of extramarital sex”( Changes in Americans’ attitudes about sex: Reviewing 40 years of data, 2012 p.1). Many of the parental generation of

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