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Brand Building and Management is when a consumable item is being marketed or sold to a consumer or retailer. Building is known as creating, constructing, developing something, being it a house, a car, a product, possibly even a person (Justin Bieber for example), and also including, a brand. Developing the brand to grow larger, grow stronger, increase the demographic variety to use/consume the brand, to increase and better the brand all together. Management- this is where the “w” questions will be asked; “Who?” will be managing your brand, “why?” would you let this person manage your brand, and so on.
Brand Building is defined by QFinance 2009 as: “the establishment and improvement of a brand's identity, including giving the brand a set of values that the consumer wants, recognizes, identifies with, and trusts. Values developed in the process of brand building include psychological, physical, and functional properties that consumers desire and should always identify a property that is unique to that brand.”
Management is defined by Brevis, Cronje, Smit and Vrba as the necessary activities for an organisation to function, by using the process of controlling, organizing, leading and planning of the available resources to achieve goals by using as little of the resources as possible.
Included in the degree, is a wide variety of studies ranging from Economics to Finance.
PURPOSE AND KEY FUNCTIONS Goodson suggests that branding is fundamental. Branding is basic.
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