Your Reboot Education – Marketing Plan – Internal, External

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Your Reboot Education – Marketing Plan – Internal, External and SWOT Analyses

My marketing plan is focused on an online education platform, Your Reboot Education (working name), which I am currently developing. Your Reboot Education exists to solve a fundamental problem with the currently established education system - the lack of time and attention the currently established education system devotes to enabling its students to realise their own life-and-career course upon graduation. To this end, Your Reboot Education will plug some of the holes in the currently established education system and will provide its users with a toolkit which they can use to identify their life-and-career course.

However, unlike most MOOC platforms, Your …show more content…

In this regard, I am referring to online education and consultation lifestyle design services such as

The Suitcase Entrepreneur (
The 4-Hour Work Week (

Who else is currently competing in this market?

Your Reboot Education is less of MOOC provider platform and much more of a lifestyle definition and design service. To this end the key competitors would be…

Lifestyle design and other online education personal development service providers.

Which type of customers are you looking to appeal to?

Prospective higher education students, higher education students, career starters and career changers.

Individuals who have experienced learning difficulties and do not have access to higher education due to the high costs involved.

English speakers (initially).

2. Internal analysis.

What are your product/service’s elements of differentiation?

Your Reboot Education will cater to a segment of the market which is often overlooked by both formal and independent education institutions.

Most currently established education institutions are great at producing a mass

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