Zoecon Corp Case Study

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Case Study: Zoecon Corporation

Zoecon Corp. Mission Statement:

Our corporation founded in 1968 is specialized in insecticide and pest control sales as well as animal protection from parasites. We cover mainly three markets : individuals and households , veterinary clinics and animal owners as well as pest control companies.
We operate geographically all over the united states. Our consumer products can be found in supermarkets, drugstores and veterinary clinics.
We offer a wide range of products . Besides protecting you from insects and parasites with our insecticides, we also specialize in insect growth regulators, which prevent insects from reproducing again. Insect growth regulators are totally harmless for humans and
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For instance, its founder is a pioneer in chemical and birth control products, as well as it’s staff’s research scientists form 25% of the overall personnel. All of them professionals. The corporation has many patents and licenses for many of it’s products, putting it away from strong competition by protection itself .
Moreover, it has been noticed that Zoecon’s strengths are noticeable in the market too. Since the company’s sales of chemicals for black flag and roach motel record 100$ million in one year, as well as sales to PCOs reaching $2.5 billion in 1985 , We notice that PCOs represent the major segment for Zoecon , speaking of strengths.
The corporation’s weaknesses can be identified as follows: It is specialized in the production of the chemicals themselves but have not experience in retail selling. Most of Zoecon’s products do not have Zoecon’s brand name but are integrated as a base for companies like C. Johnson and sons, Boyle Midway division. We can notice that Zoecon cannot reach the consumers directly without an intermediary. Another weakness is that the insecticides are effective but may be harmful for people and pets , on the other hand, Insect growth regulators are safe , but their effect are not noticeable quickly which can quite a big problem for skeptic consumers . Normally consumers want results immediately, or within a little time. But as the roach life cycle to maturity is long, one must wait 120 days to start noticing the

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