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Managerial Decision Methods
Case Study --------Tasty Snax Cookie Company

Group member:

Dennis Debosschere, Wenzhu Jiang, Yiwei Song,
Bavo Van Kerrebroeck, Rui Yan, Jingyuan Zhang

Q1, Draw a network for the project described in the case.

How long will the project take to complete? And which activities are critical? After drawing the structure of project plan, we have to research the duration while the project take to complete. We will find the activities that must be completed on time for the project to complete on due date.
We know all of activities’ required time and immediate predecessors, finding out the longest sequences of activities in a project plan. For

example, from the started point of A1, its …show more content…

What will it cost to shorten the project by as many weeks as possible?

The project can be shortened by 6 weeks maximum.
Based on the crash time for 6 activities (A3 A4 A7and B2 B5 B6), we can come up with the new numbers of weeks that each activity needs.
According to the critical path we already found, we could see that B9 is an important activity. Once it was changed, B6 changed. So we also need

to find how A5 B3 B8 changed.
The crash of B5, B6 leaded to the change of A4 and A5 (17,21), so the crash of A3 is invalid; The crash of B2 leaded to the change of C5, so B8 became (18,22); B2 changed B3 to (11.21). Then the time of B9 changed to (22,30). Since the earliest time for B9 is 22 anyway, and we crashed
B5, B6 for one week each to make it’s final time 21, we could cancel
B6’s crash for its higher cost.
Then we finally crash A7 for 2 weeks. so the final time for A8 was 46 followed by calculating.
The total cost to shorten the project is


Conclusion: • Since no information is given of normal costs, it is not possible to provide a general evaluation of the budget and crashing cost. • The business cycle traditionally

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