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International Financial Management Trial Exam Closed Book Examination INCLUDEPICTURE uvafileserverjligter1DataOnderwijsInternational Financeif2008sbriederLocal SettingsTempRarDI04.890ABS-logo.gif MERGEFORMAT Closed Book Examination Answer as brief and concise as possible redundant or superfluous remarks may lead to a lower score. The maximum score per problem is given between parentheses. The maximum score of the whole exam is 100 points. QUESTION 1 - 20 points SHAPE MERGEFORMAT This graph depicts the REAL value of the broad index which is a weighted average of the foreign exchange values of the U.S. dollar against the currencies of a large group of major U.S. trading partners. a) Consider the following table of price levels,…show more content…
If the new spot rate is above 1.0847(1.06470.02), the option is out-of-the money and it dominates the money market hedge (because when the euro is sufficiently strong, then the free disposal (the right to throw away the put) of the out-of-the money option becomes very valuable). The new spot rate is so attractive that you can pay for the (unused) put option and still do better than the money market forward rate. e) You learn that UBS Warburg expects the European currency to hit 1.15 by the end of the year. You strongly believe in UBS Warburgs forecast, what hedging plan would work best for you 3 Given that you strongly believe in the euro appreciation beyond 1.0847 USD/EUR and you have a receivable in six months, the option hedge would be the most profitable of the plans according to your expectations. QUESTION 3 - 15 points In the US Semiconductor (USS) case, the group controllers of USS suggested that for the translation of a new UK
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