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IBA134 Business Statistics
OUA Study Period 4 (SP4), 2013

Computer Assignment
(Worth 15% of the overall assessment for the unit)

Due date: 5pm (QLD time) on Sunday 26, January 2014 (Week 9)

All numerical calculations and graphs/plots should be done using EXCEL.
A hard copy of your completed assignment must be submitted electronically with the Griffith OUA Cover Sheet (available in the Assessment section of the unit website) attached as the 1st page of your submission. See instruction on the IBA134 Business Statistics unit website under “Assessment” and “Online submission of assignments using SafeAssign” on the link
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(b) Use five of the above summary measures to represent the summary information in a box plot for each variable. Draw the box plot (using Data Analysis Plus).
(c) Compute a numerical summary measure to measure the strength of the relationship between the two variables. Interpret this value.

QUESTION 4 The researcher considers using regression analysis to establish a linear relationship between the two variables.
(a) What is his dependent variable and independent variable? Why?
(b) Estimate a simple linear regression model and present the estimated linear equation. Interpret the coefficient estimates of the linear relationship.
(c) Interpret the R-squared (R2) value.

QUESTION 5 (Show all working in EXCEL by setting up a table) A shopping mall estimates the probability distribution of the number of stores mall customers actually enter (X), as shown below:
X 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
P(x) 0.04 0.19 0.22 0.28 2k 0.09 k
(a) Find the value of k.
(b) Find the mean of number of stores entered.
(c) Find the standard deviation of the number of stores entered.

QUESTION 6 (Use EXCEL commands to perform the calculations below and state which commands you have used in your answers – do not use the normal table)
A marketing manager of a leading firm believes that total sales for the firm next year can be modelled by using a normal
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