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1. Explain a person’s attitude towards visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong in terms of the tri-component model.
A tri-component attitude model consists of three major components as affect, cognition and conation. It is implying that Disneyland in Hong Kong has the unique attraction towards the customer. The first part of this model refers to cognition that is knowledge and perception that are acquired by a combination of the attitude object and related information from different sources. With reference to visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong it is a great place to visit and have a fun with the kids, where people are able to rest from common daily activities. The cognitive component towards Disneyland is what people experienced by visiting this
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b) Product manager can change consumer attitude toward the brand by using a broad statement (for example that only cereal with vitamins and dried fruit or corn are helpful) and or claim. It will allow to set the brand higher than competitors.
c) People change their attitudes, so companies should be aware of it. They should go forward with changing environmental. As the current life style attempts to look for healthy food, it could be good crossing over from the existing to the new ones with dried fruit and some corns.
d) As a production manager I will add such attributes as vitamins to breakfast cereal, making the product healthier. By adding this new formula it will put the brand higher than the others as the tendency is to buy healthy products and will change the customers’ attitude toward the brand.
3. What sources influenced your attitudes about studying buyer behaviour before classes started? Has your initial attitude changed since the unit started? If so, how?
Social media and discussion with my colleagues had influenced my attitudes about studying buyer behaviour before my classes started. I found out that it could be very interesting to get know how consumer behaves in reply to different ads, promotions or tricks used by the producers. My initial attitudes were positive and motivation were on the highest level
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