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Customer Service is the employee 's of an organisation, giving customers what they want. They need to provide the right products and the right service to all the customers and potential customers. The organisation and its individuals provide products and services to meet the expectations of its customers. Customer Service applies to all types of customers, these include; individuals, groups, people from different cultures and people with specific needs. Customer service is important to the organisation for the following reasons: Effective customer service promotes: * Customer Satisfaction * Job satisfaction of staff * Repeat Business * Recommendations * Increased Profits * Safe and Secure Environment Poor…show more content…
Although widely discussed in the industry, call center Internet telephony is in its infancy, lacks standards, and in sot currently embraced by consumers. 5. Media Blending: Media blending allows agents to communicate with a customer over a telephone line at the same time information is displayed over the internet to the customer. As s with internet telephony, this technology has not yet been taken to its fullest potential. 6. Online Information Fulfillment System: An online information fulfillment system allows customers to go to the World Wide Web (WWW), access an organization’s website, and click on desired information. This is one of the fastest-growing customer service technologies. 7. Predictive Dialing System: A predictive dialing system automatically places outgoing calls and delivers incoming calls to the next available agent. This system is often used in outbound (Tele-marketing) operations. 8. Video: For customers and call centers equipped with video-camera computer hookups, this evolving technology allows customers and agents to interact via the computer. This technology allows customers and agents to see one another during their interactions. 9. Voice Recognition: this relative newcomer to the market is advancing rapidly. The technology is incorporated into a call center’s voice response system. It is typically used by individuals to dictate data directly into a computer, which then converts
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