drug addiction

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Drug addiction is the chronic disease affecting the brain, and just everyone is different. Drug affect different ways. One person can take and abuse drugs, yet never become addicted, while another merely has one experience and is immediately hooked. Addiction explain and is charactererized by a person having to used the drugs repeatedly, regardless of the damage it does to their health, family career, and their rrelationshipwith friends and the community. Addiction is not limited to drugs a nd alcohol. People can be addicted to many things, such as food, gambling, shopping or most anything that gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle.when things get out of hand, and people behave compulsively, regardless of the
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which some conceptual problems are consequentalism, distributive neutrality and social discount rate.
It also as an application to cost and benefits of drug addiction. The paper looks at health cost (direct and indirect due to behavior under the effect drugs), looses of productivity, cost in the criminal justice system and civil courts, potential psychological cost and political cost. On the other side of benefits from drug addiction, the paper at looks at the income generated by the production and trade of drugs as well as the consequences in terms of maual instructions.

I combined the biological perspective of drug and alcohol abuse, particular because alcohol is equally as harmful to individual as, for example the drug cocaine. The assessment comes from first-hand experience as case manager working with individuals in drug rehabilitation program. And alcohol abuse runs abuse deep in a lt of life’s as drug addiction becomes more and more common today. There are many who are born with drug addiction by what we call psychobiological markers which found in many addicts. A psychological marker is a characteristic that may be measured using psychological or biological means, other than symptoms of the disease itself that identifies those individuals in the population wh are most likely t o develope the specific disorder in the case of alcoholism, it is a charactereisctic that can be measured in children or adolescent ( before the
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