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On-Job Training (OJT) is normally included as part of the New Hire Training, post completion of Classroom / Buddy Training. In most businesses / accounts (back-office business) in Wipro BPO, an OJT program exists but not in a structured form. In most cases it does not factor in / include all the critical components to help make a new hire successful at the start of their Job.
This document helps in identifying the key ingredients for an OJT program which will help shorten the learning curve cycle time for the new hires. This document also discusses and analyzes the different OJT methodologies and approaches to help in understanding the differences between an OJT and SOJT
(Structured OJT) program. Note: The
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Most the OJT models / approaches observed while studying different processes in the back-office business at WBPO focuses around a combination of Training and Hands-on experience clubbed together as a part of OJT. However most of the critical questions are not clearly answered by the OJT programs rolled out in the current scenario.
Questions such as:
• Is the current OJT program the best approach which helps a new hire understand the process?
• Are new hires taking longer time to come up the learning curve?
• Do the new hires learn by repeating the same mistakes / errors?
• Varied knowledge / performance levels of New Hires post completion of TrainingOn-Job-Training in the Back-Office Business
Most of these questions are unanswered in OJT programs which are currently being rolled out in the back-office business because of the following key reasons:
• OJT programs lack standardization
• OJT programs do not integrate all the critical components for the new hire to be successful in their role.
• Robust control mechanisms do not exist in the OJT programs
• Floor trainer bandwidth issues
• Most of the OJT models indicate a very open OJT structure which is not clearly defined.
• Learning path for the new hire has high level of people dependency because of
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