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MARKETTING MIX CADBURY 1. PRESENTED BY-PRIYANKA SINGH HR 6001 SRIYA HALDER HR6003 2. INTRODUCTION JOHN CADBURY (1839-1922)is the founderof the CADBURY trust. Cadbury India is fully owned subsidy ofKraft Foods Inc. The combination of KraftFoods & Cadbury creates a global powerhousein snacks , confectionery & quick meals. In India Cadbury began its operations in1948 by importing chocolates. The corporate office is in Mumbai. CEO-Todel Stitzer. CHAIRMAN OF BOARD-Roger Carr. 3. CADBURY-INDIA 4. 4 P’S OFCADBURY 5. THE 4P’S OF CADBURY Promotion Product Price Place6 6. 1. PRODUCT Cadbury World operates in a serviceindustry & is almost unique in beingowned by a major manufacturer. The product that Cadbury World deliversis “a memorable,…show more content…
Whereas for the main Cadbury business,the product delivered is chocolate, candy,gum brands and drinking chocolateproducts. 7. 2. PRICE In India, price matters the most it has always been the deciding factor for many marketer’s fate in the market. Cadbury has a very convenient prices for all its products. The price charged for a chocolate can determine whether a consumer will buy it & the level of sales achieved can determine whether or not Cadbury Schweppes will make a profit. 8. CONTD…Cadbury World works with a number of thirdparty promoters and businesses in order to offer adiscount on the entry price.Determining the pricing strategy would be theparticipation costs for competing leisure activities(other attractions, cinemas etc.) as well as the priceRecommended Selling Price (RSP) formerchandise and confectionery. 9. 3. PLACECadbury dairy milk is produced at thechocolate factory in Bourneville inBirmingham.After the chocolate is produced and hasundergone all the quality checks it istransported to the stockrooms.After this Cadbury sells it products to shopsthat deal with beverages and confectionerye.g. corner shops, super stores. 10. CONTD…They then sell it to the general public.Cadbury produces chocolate for morethan 200 countries so that they have achance to enjoy it as well and makeprofit 11. 4. PROMOTIONPromotion of Cadbury World tovarious target audiences is a vitalpart of the management function .TelevisionThe print mediaPosters 12. DO
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