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M.B.A. (Human Resource Management) first Year
Academic Year 2013 - 2014
This booklet contains assignment topics. Students are asked to write the assignments for EIGHT papers as per instructions.
Last date for submission : 28-02-2014
Last date for submission with late fee Rs. 300/- : 14-03-2014

1. Assignments sent after 14-03-2014 will not be evaluated.
2. Assignments should be in the own hand writing of the student concerned and not type-written or printed or photocopied.
3. Assignments should be written on foolscap paper on one side only.
4. All assignments (with Enrolment number marked on the Top right hand corner on all pages) should be
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Thus in addition to raising funds, financial Management is directly concerned with production, marketing and other functions within an enterprise whenever decisions are made about the acquisition or destruction of assets”. Elucidate.
3. “When the corporate income taxes are assumed to exist Modigilani-Miller and the traditional theorists agree that capital structure does affect value. So the basic point of disputes disappears”. Do you agree? Why or why not?
4. “The contention that dividends have an impact on the share price.” Explain the essentials of this argument. Why the argument is considered fallacious.
1. A chartered Accountant applies for a job in two firms X and Y. He estimates that the probability of his being selected in firm X is 0.7 and being rejected in Y is 0.5 and the probability that atleast one of his applications rejected is 0.6. What is the probability that he will be selected in one of the firms?
2. In a factory turning out razor blade, there is a small chance of 1/500 for any blade to be defective. The blades are supplied in a packet of 10. Use Poisson distribution to calculate the approximate number of packets containing blades with no defective, one defective, two defectives and three defectives blades in a consignment of 10,000 packets.
3. A sample of 400 students of undergraduate and 400 students of post

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