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ch8 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. When a marketer adjusts the marketing mix to give customers a clear, distinctive understanding of what the product does, the marketer is engaging in psychographic segmentation. True False 2. For products like pencils and paperclips, marketers should probably use an undifferentiated targeting strategy. True False 3. When deciding how to promote his new medical oncology center, Dr. Jones decided that he did not need to throw a large grand opening reception. Instead, he promoted the center to the internal medicine doctors in the area, who were the doctors most likely to refer patients to the center. Dr. Jones was engaged in a…show more content…
better Medicaid and Medicare payments. B. a perceptual map of the imaging landscape. C. more product features than the competition offers. D. lower prices than the competition offers. E. a clear, distinctive, and desirable understanding of their products relative to competing products. 20. The first step in the STP process is to: A. identify the segmentation methods to be used. B. produce a list of strengths and weaknesses of the firm's past marketing strategies. C. clearly articulate the firm's vision or marketing strategy objectives. D. select target markets. E. develop a marketing mix, so that an appropriate segment can later be identified. 21. For products like pencils and paperclips, which provide the same benefit for all consumers, marketers should probably use a(n): A. concentrated targeting strategy. B. lifestyle segmentation strategy. C. benefit segmentation strategy. D. undifferentiated targeting strategy. E. all of these. 22. In a classic example of segmentation strategy, years ago Swift Meat Company transformed turkey meat into "Butterball" turkeys. In the process, the company: A. differentiated its product. B. avoided the SARS virus. C. created a new class of micromarketing. D. raised consumers' self-concepts. E. redefined mass customization. 23. Adidas Group owns Reebok,

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