'on the Waterfront' Shows That Most People Prefer Security to Justice. Discuss

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In Elia Kazan’s “On the Waterfront,” we see that to some extent that people do prefer security to justice. This film focuses on the balance between our moral conscience, and our need for survival. It explores how much we are influenced by our own need for survival compared to our sense of justice. Kazan, utilizes characters like Terry, to explore the limits of human tolerance and the conscience. He depicts a world shrouded in a blanket of fog and mist, which masks the criminality, corruption and immorality. Kazan uses this money-driven world, to accentuate the economic and moral plight of the longshoremen. Through the influences of people like Edie Doyle and Father Barry, we see how hope can help us in our quest to disregard our fears of …show more content…

At the start when after Joey Doyle’s death, we see Terry wracked by guilt, as he has been split in two by his unknowing collusion in the death of Joey. He starts to question Johnny Friendly’s ways, especially from the perverse humor of Johnny Friendly’s lackeys in response to Joey’s death, and

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