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The simulation was very interesting and the research from the simulation gives the viewer a better perspective regarding a situation in business. More Beer, Inc. is a branded sports apparel company that involves direct marketing. Fast Serve, Inc has decided to move out of the online distribution. According the evaluations, three employees are to be terminated due to downsizing. The senior manager of Human Resources at More Beer, Inc is considered to be the viewer in this simulation. According to Twomey (2013) “A viewer is to determine those selected for dismissal within a two weeks timeframe that benefits Fast Serve, Inc.” (pg.15). This research paper will analyze key terms that are reflected on the simulation compared to
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Employees were unhappy with their state of work and the manners in which they were laid off. As one company made sweeping cuts in the hopes of saving money, others followed suit. This led to many lawsuits being filed by employees – some as individual cases and some as class actions. Employers had to find ways to limit these lawsuits or contend with the misery at hand. FastServe Inc. is a $25M, 350-person company involved in the direct marketing of branded sports apparel. The company decided to open two online marketing and distribution channels in order to focus exclusively on America 's Generation Y segment. Immediately after the implementation of these channels occurred, the company began to experience technology problems and chose to move out of the online business. This led to some major decision-making for the company 's management team. The online division had to be downsized and FastServe could only retain a few employees and assign them new jobs, based on their performance and skill levels. Five employees have been identified out of which three needs to be released. Possible risks of discrimination claims exist against the company from the dismissed employees. The goal of this paper is to help identify which of these employees should be laid off, identify the key concepts of employment law that would affect each of the employees ' employment status, and explain any
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