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Spirometry Lab Report: Name__________ Lab Section: 1 2 3 Lab Partner(s) _________________ Use your PowerPoint notes, lab book, text book, your data, and the Internet to answer the following questions. All reports must be typed and stapled. All reports must be in your own words. One student from each group should include the LabTutor-generated data tables and/or graphs. Exercise 1: Pulmonary function tests Respiratory parameter Units Experimental Value Predicted Value* BPM 14 TV L 0.490L IRV L 1.984L ERV L 0.905L RV L 1.45L * Go to: to calculate your predicted values. 1.…show more content…
Which value do you choose and why? (3 pt). - I choose value the TV “Tidal volume”, because I would like to know the amount of air inhaled and exhaled with breath under resting conditions of the patients. Exercises 2 & 3: Pulmonary Function Tests: Compare the respiratory parameters between normal and simulated obstruction. Recall, we simulated an obstructive pulmonary disorder by covering the tube with duct tape and cutting an opening in it about the size of a pen’s diameter. Using the Horizontal Compression controls and the scroll bar, display the data for both normal pulmonary function tests (Exercise 2) and the simulated restricted airway (Exercise 3) for inclusion in your report. Normal: Respiratory parameter Experimental Predicted FVC 3.392L PIF 214.55L/min PEF 237.09L/min FEV1 2.438L FEV1/FVC 71.88% Simulated Airway Restiction: Respiratory parameter Experimental Predicted FVC 2.101L PIF 24.04L/min PEF 26.24L/min FEV1 0.188L FEV1/FVC 8.95% Study Questions 5. There are two major categories that lung diseases fall into: Obstructive and Restrictive. Construct a small table for each lung condition (obstructive or restrictive) and predict what spirometry parameters that we measured in lab would most likely be decreased, which parameters would most likely be unchanged, and which parameters (if any) might be increased. (3 pt). Obstructive Restrictive FVC normal or minimally decreased decrease PIF
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