the tipping point summary chpt 1-4 Essay

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The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
Literature Review of the Tipping Point

American culture changes dramatically over time. Malcolm Gladwell (2002), author of The Tipping Point, presents a theory of social epidemics. Gladwell’s notion on epidemics and human behavior uses a combination of scientific fields such as psychology, epidemiology, sociology, intragroup and intergroup dynamics to explain the spread of social and cultural behaviors. The Tipping Point is explained how things spread from one person to another, whether it is ideas, products, fashion trends, increase in crime rates, sexually transmitted diseases/infections, and any other sudden unexplained changes or patterns. The underlying …show more content…

The Law of the Few, as described by Gladwell, is a source of a tipping point of epidemics in society. The achievement of any spreading epidemic is profoundly reliant on the involvement of specific individuals with a significant social skill. These individuals are those who are able to help persuade individuals to try new things or begin phenomenon’s without even trying. These individual do not purposely go around and spread information to other, this profound gift is natural. Economists refer to this rule as the 80/20 rule, in which just about 80% of the work or social epidemics are completed by only 20% of the individuals. These individuals are described as connectors, mavens and salesmen, in which they are responsible for spreading trends, social styles, and phenomena in a similar way.
Connectors are those people who have links in many different territories and with people, and who act as outlets between them, assisting with connecting relationships, and conveying information from one person to another. These individuals are people who know a great number of people and are prone to making connections. These connectors work as a network in which they associate with a range of professions. Connectors are good at making acquaintances and introductions due to their intrinsic personality, confidence, curiosity and boastfulness. An example of this type of individual is the tale of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. This

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