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5. If 13.0grams of aluminum are reacted with 13.0grams of sulfur:
a. What is the limiting reagent?
b. How many grams of aluminum sulfide are produced?


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given data:

Step 2

Part (a)


The number of moles of aluminum is calculated as shown below.


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Mass Molar mass Number of moles of Al =; 26.98 g mol Molar mass of Al Mass of Al 13.0 g 13.0 g Number of moles of Al = 26.98 g mol 0.481 mol

Step 3

The number of moles of sulfur is ...


Image Transcriptionclose

Mass Molar masss Number of moles of S ; . Molar mass of S 32.06 g mol Mass of S 13.0 g 13.0 g Number of moles of S - 32.06 g mol 0.405 mol


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