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An electrical heater is used to supply 210.0 J of energy to a 15.0 g sample of water, originally at 295.0 K. Determine the final temperature in degrees Kelvin. (the specific heat capacity for water is 75.291 Jmol-1K-1)


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Step 1


Heat energy (Q) = 210.0 J.

Mass of water (m) = 15.0 g.

Initial temperature of water = 295 K.

Specific heat capacity for water (C) = 75.291 Jmol-1K-1

Step 2

As, specific heat is given in J/mol.K. so mass should be converted to moles.

Calculation for number of moles of water:


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mass number of moles molar mass 15 g 18.01 g/mol number of moles = number of moles = 0.833 moles

Step 3

Energy needed to raise the te...


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Q mCAT Where, m mass C specific heat AT Change in temperature


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