Calculate the heat energy released when 15.0 g of liquid mercury at 25.00 °C is converted to solid mercury at its melting point. Constants for mercury at 1 atmheat capacity of Hg(l)28.0 J/(mol⋅K)melting point234.32 Kenthalpy of fusion2.29 kJ/mol  qp= _____________ kJ

Asked Nov 22, 2019
Calculate the heat energy released when 15.0 g of liquid mercury at 25.00 °C is converted to solid mercury at its melting point.
Constants for mercury at 1 atm
heat capacity of Hg(l) 28.0 J/(mol⋅K)
melting point 234.32 K
enthalpy of fusion 2.29 kJ/mol
qp= _____________ kJ

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Step 1

given data as follows:


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heat capacity of Hg()=28.0 J/(mol-K) melting point 234.32 k enthalapy of fusion=2.29 kJ /mol

Step 2

To calculate the number of moles is mass of substance divided by molar mass of substance.


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mass of mercury molar mass of mercury moles of mercury here, mass of mercury 15g molar mass of mercury 200.59g /mol 15g 200.59 g/mol moles of mercury 0.07477mol

Step 3

To determine the heat released on cooling liquid mercury fr...


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Heat(Q) moles x heat capacity of Hg()xtemperature change =-0.07477x28 x(234.32 298.15) =133.63 J


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