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Calculate the mass of 150.0 ml of hydrogen sulfite gas at STP. Use appropriate gas law mathematical equations 


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Step 1

AT STP that is standard temperature and pressure,

T=273 K

P = 1 atm

The ideal gas law is represented by the equation (1) in which in which P is the pressure of hydrogen sulfite, T is the kelvin temperature of hydrogen sulfite, n is the number of moles of hydrogen sulfite, V is the of hydrogen sulphite and R is the molar gas constant.


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PV = nRT ... (1)

Step 2

The relation between mL and L is shown below:

1 mL = 0.001 L


150 mL = 0.15 L

Rearrange equation (1) for n and substi...


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(1 atm)(0.15 L) n = (2) (273 K) 0.0821L.atm mol.K =0.0067


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