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Condensation reaction, two amino acids together 

What other types of organic molecules rely on these same reactions to form long chains(there are three)?


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Step 1

Condensation reaction is defined as chemical reaction in which two molecules combine to form a product with the elimination of  water molecule. The reaction is also known as dehydration reaction. The reaction is carried out with the help of a catalyst.

Step 2

The organic molecules like carbohydrate, protein lipids are formed by the process of condensation reaction.

 The carbohydrate are sugar molecules composed of small monomeric unit known as monosaccharides. Two monosaccharide units combine to form a glycosidic bond. In this type of condensation reaction two OH group from each sugar molecule come together to form oxygen bridge. One molecule of water is released in each step. For example formation of maltose (composed of two molecules of glucose).

Step 3

Lipids are structural components of cell wall. Each lipid molecule are composed of three molecules of fatty acid and one molecule of glycerol. In lipids ester bonds are formed by condensation reaction. Molecule of glycerol combine with fatty acids to form ester linkage and in this reaction water is released as by product for example formation of triglyce...

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