​For a two-tailed hypothesis test evaluating a Pearson correlation, what is stated by the null hypothesis? Question  options:a​There is a non-zero correlation for the general population.b​There is a non-zero correlation for the sample.c​The population correlation is zero.d​The sample correlation is zero.

Asked Dec 8, 2019
​For a two-tailed hypothesis test evaluating a Pearson correlation, what is stated by the null hypothesis?

Question  options:

​There is a non-zero correlation for the general population.
​There is a non-zero correlation for the sample.
​The population correlation is zero.
​The sample correlation is zero.

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Step 1

Hypothesis test is always done for population parameter

Hypothesis testing for correlation in two tailed test is given by

Null Hypothesis H0 : ρ = 0


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