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For the reaction 2 NH3(g) ⇋ N2(g) + 3H2(g), Kc= 0.395 at 350 degrees Celsius. A sample of NH3 of mass 25.6 g is laced in a reaction vessel of volume 5.00 L and heated to 350 degrees Celsius. What are the equilibrium concentrations of NH3, N2and H2?


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Step 1

The equilibrium constant of a reaction is calculated by the help of equilibrium concentrations of the components and their stoichiometric coefficients.

Step 2

Given data:


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Equilibrium constant (K.) = 0.395 Mass of NH 25.6 g Volume of vessel(v)= 5.00 L

Step 3

The number of moles of NH3 is ca...


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MassNH Number of mole(n Molar massNH; 25.6 g 17.031 g/mol) Molar mass 17.031 g/mol 1.50 mol


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