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For the reaction

NH4NO3(aq)  ------->N2O(g) H2O(l) 

G° = -174.9 kJ and H° = -149.6 kJ at 253 K and 1 atm.

This reaction is (reactant, product)_______  favored under standard conditions at 253 K.

The entropy change for the reaction of 1.95 moles of NH4NO3(aq) at this temperature would be  _______J/K.


Expert Answer

Step 1

The given reaction has negative enthalpy of -149.6 kJ and negative free energy of -174.9 kJ.

Step 2

The reaction is exothermic with negative enthalpy.  Hence, the reaction is product favourable. 

The reaction with large and negative free energy is a product favoured reaction whereas the reaction with large and positive free energy is reactant favoured.

For, the given reaction, the free energy is negative and hence it is again a product favoured reaction.

Step 3

The free energy, enthalpy and entro...


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