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If the sample size is 30 and the mean score for group one is 5.6, mean score for group two Is 7.8, and mean score for group three is 4.8, what I the ss between of this study


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Given data and calculati...


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Player Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Mean score Sample size 30 5.6 7.8 30 30 4.8 Grand mean is given by 30 x (5.6 7.8 + 4.8) 6.0667 90 SSBetween is given by ΣΕ n, (x3)2 30 x ((5.6 6.0667)2 (7.8 6.0667)2 (4.8 6.0667)2) SSbetween i=1 144.8


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