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In an experiment, 34.8243g of copper (II) nitrate hydrate, Cu(NO3)2•zH2O was heated to a constant mass of 27.0351g.

What is the value of z (the number of waters in the formula)?



Expert Answer

Step 1


Mass of hydrated salt = 34.8243g

Mass of anhydrous salt = 27.0351g

Mass of water lost = 7.7892g

Step 2

The moles of water that was lost


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given mass moles= molecular mass 7.7892 18 =0.4327

Step 3

Moles of hydrated salt present


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mass of Cu(NO)2= (mass of (Cu+2x(N+3x0))) =187.56g 27.0351 187.56 -0.144mo


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