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In order to make 1.00 liter of a 0.100 M solution of NaCl  (MM = 58.44 g/mol) you will need to weigh out ____________ grams of NaCl.

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Step 1

In order to make 1.00 litre of a 0.100 M solution of NaCl (MM = 58.44 g/mol), the grams of NaCl weighed out are to be calculated.

Step 2

olarity is defined as the moles of solute per litre of solution.

moles of solute
Volume of solution in L

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moles of solute Molarity Volume of solution in L

Step 3

Determine the moles of NaCl in 1.00 litre of a 0.100 M solution of NaCl &...

Moles of NaCl = Molarity
x Volume of solution in L
= 0.100 x 1.0 L 0.100 moles

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Moles of NaCl = Molarity x Volume of solution in L = 0.100 x 1.0 L 0.100 moles


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