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Linearize the graph of the data.  USe the Range (m) on the y axis and Gravity (m/s^2) on the x axis. 

Range (m) Gravity (m/s^2)
22.16 5
18.47 6
15.83 7
13.75 8
12.31 9
11.08 10
10.07 11
9.23 12
8.44 13
7.92 14
7.39 15
6.93 16
6.52 17
6.16 18
5.83 19
5.54 20

Expert Answer

Step 1

The observation can be linearize using scatter plot.

The procedure to draw scatterplot with least-squares line using EXCEL is as follows.

Step 2
  • Select the data x and y.
  • Go to Insert.
  • Select Scatter under Charts.
  • Under chart elements, check Trend line.
Step 3

The scatter diagram for the data that is o...


Image Transcriptionclose

Linear form of Range (m) Vs Gravity 25 15 10 y0.9535x + 22.396 0 15 20 25 10 20 Ln


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