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Propenoic acid, C3H4O2C3H4O2, is a reactive organic liquid that is used in the manufacturing of plastics, coatings, and adhesives. An unlabeled container is thought to contain this liquid. A 0.379-gg sample is combusted to produce 0.237 gg of water and 0.339 gg of carbon dioxide.

Calculate the experimental mass %% of CC and HH in the unknown liquid used in the experiment.


Expert Answer

Step 1


Mass of sample = 0.379 g.

Mass of CO2 = 0.339 g.

Mass of H2O = 0.237 g.

Molar mass of CO2 = 44 g/mol.

Molar mass of H2O = 18 g/mol.

Step 2

Calculation for mass of Carbon in CO2:

Chemistry homework question answer, step 2, image 1

Step 3

Calculation for mass of Hydrogen in H2O:

Chemistry homework question answer, step 3, image 1


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