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Quantitative/Categorical Data Identify each of the following as quantitative data or categorical data.

a. The platelet counts in Data Set 1 “Body Data” in Appendix B

b. The cigarette brands in Data Set 13 “Cigarette Contents” in Appendix B

c. The colors of the M&M candies in Data Set 27 “M&M Weights” in Appendix B

d. The weights of the M&M candies in Data Set 27 “M&M Weights” in Appendix B


Expert Answer

Step 1

Quantitative data:

  • It measures a values or counts i.e., numbers.
  • These data are numeric variables.
Step 2

Categorical Variable:

  • It represent the types of data are divided into groups.
  • Examples: race, gender
Step 3


The platelet counts in Data Set 1 “Body Data” in Appendix B

This is quanti...

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