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A cube has sides of length L = 0.340 m . It is placed with one corner at the origin as shown in the figure (Figure 1). The electric field is not uniform but is given by E ⃗ =( -4.30 N/(C⋅m) )x i ^ +( 3.25 N/(C⋅m) )z k ^ . Figure 1 of 1

Part A Find the electric flux through each of the six cube faces S 1 , S 2 , S 3 , S 4 , S 5 , and S 6 . Enter your answers in ascending order separated by commas. Φ 1 , Φ 2 , Φ 3 , Φ 4 , Φ 5 , Φ 6 Φ 1 , Φ 2 , Φ 3 , Φ 4 , Φ 5 , Φ 6 

Part B Find the total electric charge inside the cube. 

S2 (top)
S6 (back)
-S3 (right side)
(left side)
S4 (bottom)
S (front)

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S2 (top) S6 (back) -S3 (right side) (left side) L y L S4 (bottom) S (front)


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Step 1

The flux through each surfaces of the cube is,


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= -4.3)252034)j =0 EA -43x)(3.25(0.34)(0,34*#] 0.1277 N/C-m2 4EA -43)(3252)0.34y;j -0 EA -[(4).25(0)34)'#] 0

Step 2

Image Transcriptionclose

-43)034)(3.25(0){034)i] --0.169 N/C-m2 -(.)(0)(3.2s(0))-(034j'i] 0

Step 3

The required ascending order of flux is, 0, ...

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