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Select all of the asymmetric carbon atoms in the following structure. A selected atom will turn green.но

Select all of the asymmetric carbon atoms in the following structure. A selected atom will turn green.

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Select all of the asymmetric carbon atoms in the following structure. A selected atom will turn green. но

Step 1

The structure of chemical compound can be represented as structural formula. A structural formula interprets the arrangement of all bonded atoms with the help of atomic symbols and chemical bonds.

Step 2

The isomer molecules have same molecular formula but different structural formula. Different types of isomers are possible like structural isomer, stereoisomers etc.

The stereoisomers have same molecular formula but different arrangement of bonded atoms in three-dimensional space.

Step 3

Optical isomers are type of stereoisomers which are non-superimposable mirror images of each other. The essential condition for optical is...

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