The slightly soluble salt fluorapatite, Ca­5(PO4)3F, has a Ksp= 1 x 10-31. It dissociates in water according to the following equation:            Ca­5(PO4)3F(s)   ó 5Ca2+    +   3PO43-     +    F-Write the Kspequation for this process:  Ksp= ___________________________ Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of Ca2+, PO43- , and  F-. [Ca2+] = _____________________[PO43- ] = ______________________[F-] = ______________________

Asked Nov 2, 2019

The slightly soluble salt fluorapatite, Ca­5(PO4)3F, has a Ksp= 1 x 10-31. It dissociates in water according to the following equation:

            Ca­5(PO4)3F(s)   ó 5Ca2+    +   3PO43-     +    F-

  1. Write the Kspequation for this process:  Ksp= ___________________________


  1. Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of Ca2+, PO43- , and  F-.


  1. [Ca2+] = _____________________
  2. [PO43- ] = ______________________
  3. [F-] = ______________________

Expert Answer

Step 1

The given reaction is:


Image Transcriptionclose

(Cas (PO))F5Ca2 +PO a9 3- +F (aq) (ag)

Step 2

Ksp Equation for this process is:


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Step 3

Let X mole/L of the solid is dissolved in water. Therefo...


Image Transcriptionclose

[Ca 5Xmole/L -5X mole/L PO 3Xmole/L [F] XmoleL


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