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- state two small molecules that can easily pass through the cell memberane


-given a 1 liter solution containing 0.1 mole of glucose plus 0.1 mole of NaCl, what is it's osmolarity?


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Step 1

1) Cell membrane of a cell acts as a barrier between its inside and outside environment which is necessary to maintain a cell’s integrity. This membrane also acts as a channel of communication between interior and exterior environment of a cell and thus is selectively permeable. This selective permeability allows only selective molecules to pass through the cell membrane.

Step 2

Cell membrane allows molecules which are nonpolar (small) like O2 and polar but small and uncharged like H2O, to pass freely through it. Other molecules like glucose or inorganic ions require specific channels like ion gated channel, voltage-gated channel or ligand-gated channel, to pass through the cell membrane.

Step 3

Answer: Molecules like O2 and H2O can easily pass...

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