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True or False? Intermediates in the glycolysis pathway can be a source of raw material if the cell wants to construct biological molecules such as triglycerides or amino acids, but the citric acid cycle cannot be used this way.



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Anabolism is a process in which synthesis of complex molecules takes place when needed from the simpler ones.

Catabolism is a process in which the break down of complex molecules takes place into the simpler ones.

The amphibolic pathway is a pathway in which both anabolic and catabolic reactions take place as and when required by the cell.

Step 2

Intermediate of cellular respiration can exit the pathway and can help to build other molecules like amino acids, and triglycerides.

In the case of glycolysis, some intermediates can help to produce molecules needed by cells are:-

  • Glucose 6-phosphate exits the EMP pathway (glycolysis) and helps in the synthesis of nucleotides which are the constituent of the genetic material.
  • Fructose 6- phosphate exits the EMP pathway and helps in the synthesis of amino sugars, glycolipids, and proteins.
  • 3-phosphoglycerate exits the EMP pathway and helps in the synthesis of serine which is an amino acid.
  • Phosphoenolpyruvate exits the EMP pathway and helps in the synthesis of amino acids and pyrimidines (thymine, cytosine, and uracil)
  • Pyruvate helps in the synthesis of alanine which is an amino acid.
Step 3

In the case of Kreb's cycle also intermediate products help in the synthesis of molecules the cell need such as: -

  • Acetyl Co-A is also used for the synthesis of lipids and cholesterol needed by the cells which help in the production of steroid hormones such as testosterone and estrogens.
  • Citrate is the first stable product of Kreb's cycle and is also used to synthesize cholesterol and ...

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