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Can you please help me determine the σ framework and π MO Energy Diagram for this molecule?

DeAernthe he 0-amewonk and Correspanding, MO eneray
diagrana Jor Hocog-

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TT DeAernthe he 0-amewonk and Correspanding, MO eneray diagrana Jor Hocog-


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Step 1

The molecular orbitals are formed due to the mixing of the atomic orbitals of each of the atoms that are present in a given molecule. Molecular orbitals act like a wave function that helps to analyze the probability of finding an electron in an orbital.

Step 2

In the MO energy diagram of bicarbonate ion, the carbonate ion has one bonding pair of electrons and two non-bonding pairs of electrons. Whereas in hydrogen atom there is the presence of only one electron present in the sigma orbital.

For the formation of the molecular orbital of bicarbonate ion, the pi-bonding orbitals of carbonate ion are mixed with the sigma orbital of hydrogen atom results in the formation of sigma bonding orbital and sigma anti-bonding orbital. The electrons present in non-bonding pi orbitals of carbonate ion do not participate in the bond formation.


There are total three electrons that present in the sigma orbital of hydrogen and pi-orbital of carbonate ions, hence two electrons were placed in the sigma bonding orbital and the remaining one electron is placed in sigma anti-bonding. Since there is the presence of an unpaired electron hence bicarbonate ion is paramagnetic in nature.

The MO orbital diagram of bicarbonate ion is given below:


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Migna boending aigma anti-bonding Apy a-bonding 7mb- Nenabanding 4 4 70 cos HCOS

Step 3

This Molecular orbital diagram shows that there is sigma bond formation between the hydrogen and carbonate ion.

The structure that shows the fra...


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H-O-C= O H-O-0-0 H-o-Co


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